Quality Policy

Each of our goods is produced in accordance with a strict quality policy that we at SteelAge Alloys LLP have established. Our quality system provides a framework for quality control to be applied throughout the production of pipes, tubes, pipe fittings, flanges, fasteners, sheets, plates, wires, and other tube fittings, among other products. Throughout the manufacturing process, an audit mechanism is in place to guarantee that all products adhere to the requirements and specifications.

The surface flaws (cracks, seams, overlaps, pitting) as well as the measurements of our raw materials are inspected. Before choosing the raw material, a chemical and physical test is run. After the raw material has been accepted, a control number is assigned and punched or marked on the entire batch of raw materials that will be used to make fittings, flanges, etc. The control number is transmitted to each piece that is cut at the moment of cutting, and the same thing occurs after each forging or forming process in the event that the control number becomes invisible. The material is visually examined for surface cracks following each forging or shaping procedure.

Following the final forging or forming, heat treatment is performed in accordance with the code. A lot is given a batch number after final forging or heat treatment; this batch number is imprinted on all the pipes, tubes, fittings, flanges, etc. as well as on the temperature chart, which is created automatically by a temperature recorder connected to the heating boiler. The chart also includes the time and date of the final forging or forming.

For tests and inspections performed by reputable inspection organisations like Lloyds (LRIS), BVIS, TUV, SGS, TOYO, PDIL, TICB, UDHE, DNV, CEIL, ABS, and others, we can offer unique certificates.

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