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SteelAge Alloys LLP, one of the most innovative manufacturersandexporters, producefinest quality Perforated Sheets and Coils, and Plates, Heavy Perforations, Drilled Plates and Fine Holes at competitive prices.

Perforated metal is a type of sheet metal. It is punched or stamped to create a particular pattern of holes.It is generally made from Stainless Steel, cold rolled Steel, Aluminium, etc.

Steelage Alloys LLP supplies Perforated Sheets / Coils that are favored due to their flexibility and decorative style.House interiors like wall panels, ceiling panels, and cabinet doors use perforated sheets. Perforated Plates/ Heavy Perforations are used as air and oil filters in addition to silencer tubes, silencers, ventilators, etc. in automotive the industry.They are useful as fencing and screens in offices

We supply Drilled Plates that offer whether resistance and form panels for balconies, stairways and balustrades. Fine Holes are produced and exported on a large scale to the food and beverage industry. Facades, privacy panels and partition panels are made of fine holes.

Our products are premium, we never compromise with quality. We always ensure that our products pass all quality control measure, lending you with only the best. We are stockist of a massive quantity of perforated stock and distributors to a number of industries.

We export perforated products to USA, UAE, Singapore, China, Iran, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Qatar, Germany, Iraq, Brazil, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Australia, Japan, Iraq, etc.

SS Fine Holes Perforated Sheets, Stainless Steel Fine Holes Perforated Coils Stockholder in Tamil nadu, High Quality Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet,Plate & Coils Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers.

Perforated Sheets / Coils

Standard dimensions perforated sheets / coils majorly in stainless steel are the major part of our productions.
Thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm thick in standard sheet sizes of 4' x 8' or in coils of 1 mtr, 1.25 mtrs or 1.5mtrs are always available ex-stock

SS Perforated Sheets / Coils

Perforated Plates/ Heavy Perforations

Plates over 3mm thick upto 10mm thick in SS and upto 12mm thick in MS can be punched.
Maximum width 2000mm x Maximum length upto 6000 mm possible. All kinds of holes viz: Round, Square, Capsule etc. can be punched. Same thickness x same hole dia. eg: 3mm thick x 3mm hole dia. upto 6mm thick x 6mm hole dia in SS can be punched.

SS Perforated Plates/ Heavy Perforations

Drilled Plates

Drilling can be done upto max. thickness of 100mm. Max. width upto 3000mm x max. length upto 8000mm
Very heavy thickness plates that can not be punched or some very odd combinations of perforated sheets / plates such as 4mm thickness with 2mm hole diameter which are impossible to punch are drilled. Proper method adopted for drilling and then deburring to achieve the best results.

SS Drilled Plates

Fine Holes

Holes ranging from 0.5mm diameter to 2mm hole diameter.
Applications demanding filtering of very fine products such as powders, fine materials, juices etc. can only use fine hole perforated sheets.

SS Fine Holes Sheets & Plates
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