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The basis of success depends on selecting the appropriate fastening solutions in the dynamic world of construction, where strength, stability, and dependability reign supreme. The anchor bolts, expansion bolts, and foundation fasteners that serve as the foundation of strong and long-lasting constructions are offered by SteelAge Alloys LLP a leading manufacturer and supplier in India.
Our anchor bolts represent the pinnacle of precise engineering, setting out on a quest to create connections that cannot be broken. Our L-shaped and J-shaped anchor bolts are designed with a keen awareness of the delicate balance between structure and foundation and fit into concrete pours without any visible fasteners. Each bolt serves as a solid link connecting structural elements to the core of a building's strength.
Our expansion bolts, also referred to as wedge anchors, are designed to redefine dependability. These bolts have unrivaled tenacity in the dynamic world of construction, expanding into brick and concrete. Our expansion bolts hold firm and provide protection against any movement as stresses fluctuate. Our expansion bolts are the keepers of stability, whether it's a delicate fixture or a massive machine.

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Standard : ASTM, ACI, ETAG and all International Standards
Size : Anchor Bolts 1/2 inch to 1 inch| Expansion Bolts 1/4 inch to 1 inch | Screw Piles few inches to over a foot
Length : Anchor Bolts: 6 inches to 24 inches| Expansion Bolts: 1 inch to 6 inches| Screw Piles: from a few feet to over 100 feet


Foundation Fasteners & Grades :


ASTM F1554


SAE J429


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