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Eye BoltsEye Bolts
Titanium Eye BoltsTitanium Eye Bolts
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SteelAge Alloys LLP offers stainless steel, titanium, and iron (SS) type eye bolts that can be used to transport large machinery. It is appropriate for uses like ships and coastal facilities.

Eye bolts are often used parts in many different types of construction. Depending on your needs, these SteelAge Alloys LLP bolts will either have a collar or a shoulder and are completely threaded. While bolts without a shoulder are not ideal for angular stresses, those utilized with collars are able to withstand angular loads. An eye bolt with a continuous eye and an integral shoulder can be employed for severe off-axis loads, though. Ensure that the axis angle is limited to 45 degrees or less. We offer in Stainless Steel , Titanium, and in Iron. Common residential brickwork calls for self-anchoring stainless steel eye bolts. Some of these thin bolts don't require direct screwing; instead, they simply pull the eye ring to enlarge the anchor. Furthermore, depending the loads put on it and the application. Our bolts are available in a variety of sizes for unique applications across numerous sectors. They have enhanced strength and are galvanized for greater dependability and weight bearing.


Standard : DIN 444, DIN 580
Size : 3/8 to 8"
Length : 12 mm And 16mm.


Eye Bolts Material & Grades :

Titanium Eye Bolts : Available in All Size and Colour

Iron Eye Bolts : Available in All Size

Stainless Steel Bolts : Available in All Size


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